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跟住去边度?What next?
去你的美术馆 Screw the Gallery

What is reality?
What is fantasy?
What happens when a car ride jumps out from the digital screen into physical life?

To answer the brief from FEI Gallery “去你的美术馆” (Screw the Gallery) The artists were encouraged to rebel against the traditional
hierarchy between the gallery, artist, and the audience; and to redefine their relationship.

CUCKOO & 和小雅CrossingZebra embarked on a spontaneous journey with 阿姨auntie from Didi(Chinese Uber), DJed their way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, spanning 136km.

The audience watched the screening of the 2 hours journey in the gallery, unaware it was actually a livestream, until they witnessed the actual car driving into the gallery via the cargo lift.

The artists then transformed into live DJ, performing a live jam, where the gallery wall transformed into live canvas, and audiences transformed into creators.

Year: 2021
Collaborator: 和小雅CrossingZebra
Location: Shenzhen - Guangzhou (FEI Arts)
Sponsorship: FEI Arts, Guangzhou, China