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CUCKOOland is an on-going process.
A parallel world where everything is possible.
We explore, we create, we share, we connect, we experience.

CUCKOOland.process 2.0 landed its feet in Shenzhen, China.

Sleeping Giant:

同创地产 (TopChain Group), a real-estate developer based in Shenzhen, China, has commissioned CUCKOONESS to interact with the internal space of No. 69 Shennan Road, as part of their re-generation project of the site.

The formally abandoned golden landmark is located at 罗湖 (Luohu), which was the most prosperous district in Shenzhen in the 90s. Blessed by its regional advantage, the first train station between Hong Kong and Shenzhen was constructed at Luohu, bridging the two cities together, and marking the starting point of Shenzhen’s development.

No. 69 Shennan Road started its construction from 1993, and by 1998, the development was 70% completed, composed of two towers linked together by a six stories tall podium. The entire facade was completed with a golden glass finish, symbolizing a “golden future”, the two towers stood out among all the surrounding buildings, extruding a dramatic impression.

However, in 2000, the original developer 新世纪 (XinShiJi) struggled with the financial crisis, and the entire construction was paused. From this day forward, the building remain abandoned and asleep, never realising the vision “Golden Future” that it was meant to fulfil.

In 2015, another developer 万科(Vanke) bought the building and refurbished the towers into residential units, and part of the podium into shopping malls. In 2020, 同创地产 (TopChain Group) rented the rest of the podium and decided to regenerate the site as part of their ongoing product chain “office malls”.


“Emptiness is not Nothingness, but endless possibilities.” 

Understand the site’s complex history, we wanted to celebrate its emptiness, instead of filling it in. A blank page has immense power because it has not been defined yet, there is no status quo, nor pre-defined rules. And under the influence of the pandemic, the desire for human connection is stronger than ever.

“Jamming across Space and Time, apart but together. A Trans Global Collision, an Unpredictable Joyful Experiment.” - Words gifted to us by dear friend David Greene

We decided to occupy the space for six hours and jam together, multidisciplinary and cross-continental, what would happen if we all come together, with the only rule of: Being yourself, plan nothing, connect and play, and see what will come out of it?

One painter and 5 musicians (both digital and acoustic) played handpan, Pipa枇杷, singing bowl, keyboard, and DJ controller at the site in Shenzhen; 5 creators linked up via Zoom from Hong Kong, London, Moscow, and jammed together with improvised dancing, creative writing, drawing, video editing

We longed for human connection and the feeling of timelessness when hanging out with people we connect to. We dreamt and made it happen, please scroll down and see what came out of it =]


说起“大金牙”,这座金色双塔的金色外立面彰显非凡,坐落在紧邻东⻔商圈旁的湖⻉片区, 原东塔楼用途为酒店+酒店式公寓,⻄塔楼为写字楼。实际上,这座金色双塔却只是外部奢 华,里面则一片荒芜,因此也被业内戏称为“奢侈的⻩金烂尾楼”。市场资料显示,“大金牙” 始建于1993年,由新世纪建设发展(深圳)有限公司开工建设,1994年改名“新世纪广场”, 中间几开几停,主体到1998年才封顶,到2000年10月,因新世纪公司无力继续投入成为烂 尾楼。

据该项目最早的投资人、债权人之一深天地A的公告,2012年11月深天地公司与美洲联冠置业(深圳)有限公司签订了转让协议,将所拥有的新世纪广场房地产所有权权益(含⻛险) 以总价人⺠币1.8亿元转让给美洲联冠公司。2013年,新世纪广场的开发主体由原新世纪建 设开发有限公司变更为美洲联冠,项目更改名字为正顺广场。然而,就在2013年,正顺广场曾突发大火,在其“重生”道路上再添阴霾。而在2015年,万科通过股权收购方式成功获取正 顺广场,将项目更名为“万科深南道68号”。当时,市场对这个项目的保守估价达到40亿元。

CUCKOO的平行世界2.0 - 深南道68号的6小时:


了解到大金牙坎坷及复杂的历史,CUCKOONESS决定从这大金牙沉寂的空白时间入手,并以此与场地互动,唤醒它沉睡的能量。空白的空间并不是空无一物,而是有着无限可能性的孵化器。 深南道68号作为深圳烂尾多年的地标性建筑物大金牙,多年来它似乎沉寂在了时间里,静静地等待着,孵化着无限的可能性。

此次展览同创地产和CUCKOONESS合作,共同探讨二手空间的艺术活化可能性。在资金链断裂造成烂尾项目渐渐成为地产界的常态,而我们面对环保境况堪忧的地球时,未使用的二手空间是否可以有其他的可能性? 若是将这个场地开放给艺术家和公众们,在深南道同创里的6个小时能发生什么?


Curator: Selina XinYi Zhang 
Curator Manager: Zihan Wang
Angelica Rimoldi
Natalia Pereverzina
倍源 Bodhi
清心 Hashita
Marcus Yao
Younseo Song
Zineb Lemseffer
Selina XinYi Zhang

Client: TopChain Group
Catagory: Exhibition
Location: TongChuangHui, Shenzhen, China
Year: 2021