AbOuT         PrOjEcTs        2D       3D        AniMaTiOn        ShOp            

If there is such a space,
where you are free to express whatever you want.

If there is such a space,
where only the process matters, not the result.

If there is such a space,
where judgment does not exist, only acceptance.

What do you wanna say?





Under the influence of the pandemic, there was a thick layer of tension and suppression in the air, thus I wanted to create a free space of expression for the audience, where people could let out all their suppressed feelings, and yearnings in a space free of judgment, to find common ground and connect with others, to realize that they were not alone, and we were all feeling something unique but universal.

Curator: Selina XinYi Zhang

Artist: Selina XinYi Zhang

Collaborator: Dali Art Factory
                    清心 Hashita
                    Liu Fang Fang

Catagory: Exhibition
Location: Dali Art Factory, China
Year: 2020

CUCKOOland.process 1.0 was the aftermath of Selina’s 6 months artist residency at Dali Art Factory(大理床单厂)in Dali, Yunnan province, China. The exhibition was created during the height of the pandemic in Dali, during which Dali became a place of refuge not just for her but as well for many others, the province was blessed with very little covid cases and imposed loose restrictions compared to the rest of China.

She could feel the anxiety, loneliness, and yearnings to reconnect in the air, bleeding through people’s eyes.

CUCKOOland.process 1.0 is the beginning of hopefully, a series of interactive spaces. Where in a parallel world, everything is possible, our deepest desire to self-express, to love, to see and to be seen, to connect could be free to exist unconditionally.

From the short video above, you can get a glimpse of the atmosphere in CUCKOOland.process 1.0, in one-month duration, thousands of people visited, left their thoughts of the time, their questions, longings, dreams... The background audio is the 10 minutes guided meditation we have recorded for part of the exhibition “My 10 Minutes” (you will be able to read about it after scrolling down).

Towards the end of the exhibit period, 清心 Hashita, a young but experienced nun led two workshops where the participants were guided to connect to the surroundings and themselves through movements and sound.



“My 10 minutes”

When was the last time that you were completely alone with yourself?

In this age and time when everything is evolving and spreading in rapid speed; do we still have the time and space to be with ourselves? Maybe our last sanctuary is the few minutes we have in the toilet, where we could be alone without disturbance; but even then, our phone is probably still keeping us “entertained” with the latest updates.

This is a place where you would have 10 minutes to be completely alone, this little rectangular space will be yours and yours only.

Please wait patiently where there are other participants.

The volunteers will help you to put on earphones and microphones. After entering the space, please follow the guidance patiently.

We encourage you to express any thoughts or reflections during this experience. The collected audio will be processed, so that the participants will remain anonymous.

The world will hear what you wanna say.